Services Available Through LST Landscaping Inc.

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Some Of The Many Services We Offer:
  • Full lawn services
  • Seasonal clean-ups
  • Tree & shrub maintenance
  • Complete winter services
  • Mulching & edging beds
  • Landscape & site design
  • Planting & bed installation
  • Sweeping services
  • Estate gardening services
  • Hardscaping
  • Complete turf management services
  • Irrigation installation & service
We service residential, commercial & industrial properties, condominium complexes, and municipalities. In addition, we can customize any project to meet your needs. Call us today for your personalized quote.

Landscape Maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful lawn and grounds year in and year out requires dedication and experience. Count on LST Landscaping Inc. to preserve and enhance the beauty of your property. Timing can be critical in providing optimum care of your lawn and surrounding features of your landscaped property.
As a large and established landscaping contractor, our schedule is not thrown off by a few days of rain. We have the staff, the equipment, and the professionalism to maintain a consistent schedule. We strive to give your landscaped property the very best of care, and are able to take on any special projects or additional assignments that may arise.
Estate Design - Landscaping in Portland, ME
Schematic and Consultaion Level Design Plans - Landscape in Portland, ME
Grass Trimming - Landscape in Portland, ME
The Landscape Maintenance Services We Offer:
  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • Seasonal Clean-Ups
  • Sweeping
  • Mulching and Edging
  • Weeding
  • Pruning of Shrubs and Ornamental Trees
  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Brush Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Estate Gardening Services
  • Custom Services


At LST Landscaping Inc. our Landscape Installation Division has the experience, equipment, and expertise to facilitate the completion of any landscape project on schedule and within the agreed budget while maintaining our commitment to quality.
Our knowledge and understanding of site and soil conditions ensure appropriate installation of the plant material specified for your project. We are a proud member of the Maine Landscape & Nursery Association.
Plant & Flowers - Landscaping in Portland, ME
Garden - Landscaping in Portland, ME
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Our Planting / Installation Services Include:
  • New Lawn Installation - Seeded or Sod
  • Installation of Shrubs, Trees, Perennials & Annuals
  • New Bed Creation
  • Reconstruction of Existing Lawns and Beds
  • Custom Services

Snow/Ice Management

When a winter storm strikes, you can rest assured LST Landscaping Inc. will make certain your property remains a safe, accessible site. Our team's reputation for consistency and reliability, along with high-quality equipment, makes us a leader in managing the snow and ice removal process.
During storms and inclement weather our office is staffed and ready to respond, with crews that are available and on call 24/7 including weekends and holidays. From light drizzles to the biggest storms, whether your site is large or small, you can depend on LST to keep your property clear all winter long.
Snowplowing - Ice Management in Portland, ME
Custom Services - Ice Management in Portland, ME
L S T Landscaping Inc. Snow Removal

The Snow / Ice Management Services We Offer:
  • Snowplowing
  • Snow blowing and Shoveling of Walkways, Entrances, Steps, Etc.
  • Applications of Sand and/or Salt
  • Snow Removal and Relocation
  • Roof Shoveling
  • Premium Every Storm Service
  • Custom Services


LST Landscaping Inc. installs a variety of stone walls, stone walks, & patios. Our landscape construction division uses industry standard practices to ensure that your hardscape will hold up for years to come. Our skilled professionals and state of the art equipment can negotiate most hardscape challenges.
LST has extensive experience in tackling New England's rugged landscapes and can provide unique solutions to any environments hardscape. We are Certified Installers from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute and Certified SRW Installers from the National Concrete Masonry Association.
Granite Cobblestone - Hardscape in Portland, ME
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Blue Stone Patios and Walkways - Hardscape in Portland, ME

Our Landscape Construction Services Include:
  • Brick Pavers For Patios and Walkways
  • Retaining Walls – Field Stone or Segmental Concrete Block
  • Veneer Walls
  • Blue Stone Patios and Walkways
  • Granite Cobblestone Installation

Design Services

LST Landscaping Inc. provides landscape architecture, design and consulting services to existing and potential clients. LST's designs are created and managed by a Maine Licensed Landscape Architect. Our landscape architect is experienced in providing a full spectrum of design services to residential and commercial clients.
LST's landscape architect will speak with you to discuss your project ideas, develop a project program with you, understand your goals and objectives and incorporate your budget. From there, we will develop a proposal and budget for the specific services needed on your project. Our construction and installation divisions can then work with you to bring your design to reality.
Planting Design - Landscape in Portland, ME
Hardscape Design - Landscape in Portland, ME
Schematic and Consultaion Level Design Plans - Landscape in Portland, ME

Primary Services Include:
  • Site Reconnaissance & Design Consultation
  • Planting Design, Layout and Maintenance Recommendations
  • Hardscape Design (Walkways, Retaining Walls, Patios, Terraces, Outdoor Fire Pits, Pools)
  • Site Layout, Grading & Drainage
  • Conceptual, Schematic and Construction Level Design Plans
  • Cost Estimating

Turf Management

At LST Landscaping Inc. we provide the most up-to-date environmentally sound methods of lawn care. Our trained, licensed lawn care professionals will perform a free comprehensive evaluation of your lawn and customize an individual program to fit the unique needs of your lawn.
LST offers a number of alternatives to its integrated pest management approach to lawn care. We offer a pesticide-free program, a natural fertilizer program or a combination of programs to meet the needs of our individual clients.
Backyard Grass Trimming - Turf Management in Portland, ME
House and Grass Trimming - Turf Management in Portland, ME
Grass Trimming - Turf Management in Portland, ME

Our Turf Management Services:
  • Full Lawn Treatment Programs
  • Fertilization – Both Conventional and Organic
  • Weed Control
  • Lime Applications
  • Tick and Mosquito Control
  • Core Aerating
  • Slice Seeding
  • De-thatching


The LST Landscaping Inc. irrigation division is highly trained and equipped for commercial and residential installations. Our irrigation technicians are highly experienced in system design, installation, and routine seasonal servicing.
Our irrigation division also provides water usage consulting to customers with existing systems. Our technicians can recommend a watering plan that minimizes water consumption while providing the necessary irrigation for lawn and plant material to thrive.
Watering the Grass - Irrigation in Portland, ME
Watering - Irrigation in Portland, ME
Watering Dry Grass - Irrigation in Portland, ME

The Irrigation Services We Offer:
  • New System Design, Installation and Servicing
  • Existing System Service and Adjustment
  • Spring Start-ups
  • Winterization
  • Custom Water Features